The Features of Saleboard
Who Should Use

Any Industry

Salesboard is used by hundreds of international companies across a wide range of industries including Real Estate, Travel, Finance, Shipping and Healthcare. Whatever your team sells – Salesboard can be customized based on your specific industry and team requirements.

Any Team Size

Currently our largest team consists of 120 Salespeople at a well known Life Insurance company, we also have teams of between 20-50 in Recruitment, Advertising and Funeral Services. Most Salesboard users are teams of between 2-15 who want to have some friendly competition and celebrate each other’s success.

Anyone is a free and intuitive Leader-board application which allows your team to record, share and compare their success. can be used by anyone, it is is fun, intuitive and encourages collaboration.

Sales Insight

Lack of Leadership Equals Lack of Results

No one wants to work for a micromanager, just as no one wants to be one. Like most things, when people believe that one thing is bad, they presume the opposite must be good. If micromanaging is bad, then leaving … Continue reading

11 Sep 2023

Hard Times

Many factors lead to stalled or declining sales. They are known, as are the remedies that would result in increased sales. Only those willing to acknowledge the root causes of poor sales results and changing their actions have any hope … Continue reading

08 Sep 2023

Managing Multiple Stakeholders

If you’re going to bypass mid-level gatekeepers, you have to be strategic, and you also have to use the right tone and pace, so you can be perceived as someone who truly cares about their needs. It’s inevitable… Every salesperson … Continue reading

07 Sep 2023

Your Value Proposition

You want your value proposition to compel your dream client to take action? Here are seven questions you need to ask and answer to test the potency and effectiveness of your value proposition. (1) Is it different? If you want … Continue reading

06 Sep 2023
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