Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I introduce Salesboard to my team?

Because Salesboard provides a transparent sales environment - everyone in your team will be able to see where they stand - who's doing well and who's not. Recognizing all performance (good or bad) creates healthy competition and provides a powerful incentive for sales people to over perform.

Can other users view information on my profile?

Only employees at your company that you have agreed to connect with can view information that you chose to share.

Can I amend information that I have uploaded?

Yes. At any time you can edit, delete or add more information to your profile.

How do I set a custom KPI?

You can set your custom KPI based on a number of different measures under the Setting tab - if you can't find a metric that suits your team or would like to suggest a new metric please email us at

How much does it cost?

Salesboard is FREE, anyone can register.

Can I save files under my profile?

Not right now, however, we are currently working on the ability to add Photos, Contracts and other files to your profile, or tagged to a particular sale.

Can we add our own product codes, names and references?

You can create unlimited products under an industry enabling you to track and compare performance for specific product lines or individual items.

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