About Salesboard
We believe that a truly transparent sales environment stimulates success - recognizing all performance (good or bad) creates healthy competition and provides a powerful incentive for sales people to excel. Our aim is to provide a free leader board application that enables sales people to Record, Share and Compare their success.


Through blending traditional sales motivational techniques and new gaming inspired technology, Salesboard offers a unique environment for sales teams to compete, and exceed their targets.

Visible challenges directly impact behavior - through showing your sales team the information that matters most, in a fun and entertaining way you will see your sales team energized and inspired everyday.

Challenge them with goals and show their progress. Everyone will want to be #1, and no one will want to bottom of the board.


Top performing sales people often don't get the credit they deserve. Salesboard enables you to highlight and track key performance metrics in real time; publicly recognizing your star players, and introduce an element of friendly competition as a powerful motivating force.

Salesboard also awards your team the accolades they deserve to improve job satisfaction and employee retention. Not only are they striving to be top of the leader-board, users will also accumulate SalescoinsTM, Badges and Awards which can be redeemed for in-game virtual, or physical, goods and services.


Salesboard offers a unique environment for sales teams to share success, compete and excel. The friendly competition created through sharing targets and progress can be a strong motivating force. Give your employees a target to shoot for and watch performance improve across the board.

Games are fun. Winning is a great and makes everyone happy, but simple taking part also feels pretty darn good - we believe that through creating a Socially Competitive Environment sales people will be more engaged, collaborate more and most importantly make more sales for your company.

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