It’s Not Working Because You’re Not Working Hard Enough.


Most of success is just good old fashioned hard work.

That formula works for sports champions, scientists solving hard problems and business people.

Hard work is the single biggest differentiator for those who achieve massive breakthrough — in sports, math, science, politics, and business.

But when it comes to business you might fall into the trap of thinking that working smarter is a better formula than working harder. You might think that because you’re intellectual you don’t need to get physical.

And so, sadly, even though you know all the answers you never achieve any of the results.

On paper, you look like you should be successful — yet you never seen to rise above mediocrity.

And it’s frustrating. Because deep down you want more for yourself.

You want to rise above the obstacles that hold you back. But you just aren’t sure how.

You question whether you need another degree or if you just need to spend more money on online marketing. You ask yourself if you should be reading more business books or if you should buy tickets to that great seminar on accumulating wealth.

Your mind races with options. You find yourself listless. Unable to sleep. Thinking about what is going wrong and why you can’t seem to fix it.

Even if you’re not there right now you know that feeling. You’ve been there before.

Caught between feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. You’re just not sure what to do.

The secret is to do something. That’s the thing to do. Something. And do it right now. You might be doing everything wrong but that’s still better than doing nothing at all.

Strenuous physical activity sharpens your brain’s creativity. It not only allows you to think more clearly, the exercise of working creates progress all by itself.

Your own momentum pulls you past the biggest boundary in achieving any goal — getting started. That same effort pulls you past the struggle you might be feeling — giving up.

When you’re tired — physically, emotionally, and mentally — it’s amazing how much smarter your work becomes.

Your own effort created that smartness.

Your sweat and tears don’t just push you forward, they make you smarter, tougher, and more resilient.

No plan in the world will work if you’re not working. No strategy will turn out right if you aren’t focused on the right thing. No amount of brains can trump the brawn needed to hustle and hunt and hurt.

Success is about hard work.

If you’re not working hard enough right now that needs to be your new strategy. That needs to be your all consuming passion.

Ask yourself daily what you could be doing to help yourself across the finish line.

Set audacious goals for yourself.

Force yourself into a corner where the only chance of survival demands that you worked tirelessly.

Is it fun? Of course not. Is it scary? You bet. But that’s why there aren’t more successful people in the world.

The truth is that your plans aren’t working because you’re not working hard enough.

Change that.


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