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What do I get?
$5 per month
Salesboard HUNTER
$10 per month
Salesboard RAINMAKER
Track your team's performance on our leader board
Compare your team to your industry, company or the world
Measure based on Revenue, Total Sales, Profit plus many other metrics
Create email alerts when positions change
Blast customized New Sale mails to your team
Communicate via Status Updates and Salesboard IM
Create Spiffs or Incentives for your team and track progress
Record Sales data including Notes and attachments including photos, contracts copies
Switch between currencies to allow easy benchmarking
Set custom KPIs and measure performance
Acitvity Feed showing status updates, position changes and new incentives
View Inverse views to measure delta
Accumulate Sales Coins
Accumulate Salesboard Badges and Awards
Access Advanced Analytics and Charting
Create Multiple Teams, Boards & Customize Views
Redeem Sales Coins